We know garages inside and out.  And while most of our time is spent installing a fixing garage doors around Tucson, we thought we could also share a few tips from some experts on ideas to help you better organize your garage space. So…

Time for some garage organizing ideas.

Let’s start with a garage organizing principle. You want to keep like items together so put all your home maintenance stuff in one area, your sports equipment in another, find a spot for your pet supplies.

get your garage organizedYeah, my recycling yard and gardens stuff, all that.

Exactly. So you just want to say no to hodgepodge in your garage and then everyone on the family knows where stuff goes.

Okay, to do that, I need shelves and really lot more than that.

Well, right. So I’ve got some ideas for ways to add storage and many are inexpensive but with garage storage, you don’t need to start big. In fact, you can start small and see what else you might need so yes, start with shelves and get simple inexpensive bracketed shelves and screw them into the studs.

And then go to Ikea or used place for that you could even also recycle old kitchen cabinets. These are a good option because they’re close storage so everything looks tidy in the garage. And you can often find kitchen cabinets and salvage places online through sites like Craigslist. And often their salvage cabinets can be fifty to seventy five percent cheaper than new.

Right, or if you’re remodeling your kids’ you just re-purpose those cabinets instead of toss them, just take them out to the garage and use them.

Exactly, I mean what a great way to up cycle. Here’s another idea I love, you can attach old P.V.C. pipes to your garage or shed wall vertically to store long handled tools like shovels and hose or even your sports equipment like hockey sticks and fishing poles and you can you re-purpose a lot of other items for garage storage too.

You could take hanging shoe racks, those are good for storing cords, nails and other small items. You can use tin cans in the same way or you can even attach them to the wall and pegboard is always a great solution for hanging tools. My dad had a pegboard tool rack and he outlined all the tools in chalk so you knew where to hang them when he was done with them and everything fit in an orderly way.

That’s cool idea actually what else?

Well, the wall space isn’t your only option in organizing a garage. If your ceiling is high enough and you can still get your car in, you can hang shelving racks from the ceiling to store all season stuff even things like winter tires. You need a picture of some of these garage organizing ideas at HouseLogic.com/radio.

Yeah a garage, especially an attached garage can also double as a mudroom.

Yes. So make sure to keep a spot for coat hooks, boot racks or trays and a bench can use simple cubbies for things like gloves and hats.

Oh here’s another idea, I really, love. You can create a station in your garage for items you want to donate, sell or return and it’s a great place for this because it’s an exit so when you leave the house you’re reminded to take stuff away that you don’t need anymore.

Yeah good ideas systemized ways to de-clutter, I love that. What about garage workspace. How do you set that up?

Well. If you can carve out a space about ten feet long and six feet deep sea of room to work, you can create a basic workbench with cabinets and shelving and even add some simple overhead lighting for less than five hundred dollars.

Okay so what should that workbench table have?

Heavy top but super durable, re-made workbenches run roughly one hundred to five hundred and come in a lot of different lengths. Some of them even include drawers and shelves with them and they’re also plans online you can find to build one in about a day and you only spend about one hundred bucks for materials.

There are also garage organizing systems that you can just buy too.

Yeah if you don’t want to D.I.Y, there are modular wall mounted garage storage systems that let you configure shelves, pins, hooks and they usually run about ten dollars per square foot of wall space.

Another great, helpful transcript from the good folks at HouseLogic.com.

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