Just over a week into the New Year and I have to say that what I’m seeing (for the most part) regarding the outlook for Tucson, Green Valley and the surrounding areas is generally pretty encouraging. Not that we’re necessarily surprised by that… at Discount Garage Door Company, we’ve been very optimistic for a long time. Nonetheless, seeing it in different local publications coming from a number of different sources is certainly encouraging.

For example, recently here, from the Inside Tucson Business website, I read the following:

Tucson businesses cautiously optimistic

If one word was to be used to describe the overall economic outlook for the Tucson Metro Area heading into the New Year, optimistic would probably best fit. One word isn’t enough, however. Cautiously optimistic may be a better fit.

From unemployment rates to housing sales, many of the traditional indicators by which a region’s economy is measured and assessed have displayed improvement over the previous 12 months — with no signs of changing. Growth is slow in Tucson, as many are quick to remind, much behind both state and national averages.

Despite hardships, Tucson is on the mend, and businesses in the region are looking forward to what 2016 will bring.

Then in a separate article from the same source, another positive vote (even it it was perhaps slightly less positive than the first one, but still, hey, I’ll take it!)

Tucson slowly rebounding after economic slowdown

Though news of economic recovery in the region has been generally optimistic in more recent memory, any numbers need to be analyzed with a grain of salt. The dark fiscal tidings of the late 2000s have generally been put in the rear view, though full recovery has yet to be attained.

A rebounding effect has taken hold, though Arizona, and Tucson in particular finds itself a little bit behind the curve on recovery.

In order to find itself in better circumstances, Arizona will need to begin investing in its future, according to George W. Hammond, director and research professor at Eller’s Economic and Business Research Center.

All good (especially as it shows a picture of my good, long time friend Vince Bianchi serving up some of his famous food!)

Maybe it’s because we’re personally currently involved in the local real estate market and because I love food… but after catching these two articles that put me in a good mood, I was quickly drawn to yet another great local Tucson website, TucsonFoodie.com where I was inspired by yet some more great information combining two of the best things about southern Arizona – hiking and restaurants!

7 Tucson Hikes With Nearby Eats To Ring In The New Year

January always brings a renewed sense of resolutions and promises to try new things. After a season of cocktails, celebratory meals and cookies, what better way to start out the year than exploring some of our great Tucson hikes?

While Tucson’s food scene has blossomed the last few years, the hiking trails and complementary weather have always been a main attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Here is our list of places to hike and work off all of the holiday treats. But, as a good hike always earns you a good meal, we are also recommending nearby places to indulge (or eat light!) afterwards.

Finger Rock: Goodness Fresh Food & Juice Bar

Finger Rock Trail (Credit: Jennifer Stash)

Located in the heart of Tucson, this distinctive landmark looks like a closed hand with an index finger pointed towards the sky. The hike starts out easy and progressively gets steeper as you ascend the side of Finger Rock. The trees provide some much needed shade as you weave your way through the desert landscape. Take this trail for the full stretch, which is close to 9 miles, or until you decide it is time for lunch and head back to your car.

Juice Options at Goodness (Credit: Goodness)

If you are craving something healthy and nourishing, try the newest Goodness location at Skyline and Campbell. Grab a fresh juice and vibrant salad while sitting on the patio. If it’s a late hike, this Goodness location now offers an amazing dinner menu on the healthier side.

Read more here on TucsonFoodie.com

I have yet to try the new location of Goodness, but I can speak from experience regarding their location on Campbell Ave, just north of Grant (very near me, actually). I’ve had some fantastic breakfast burritos and delicious ‘smoothies’ and juice concoctions there. I’ll definitely be checking out the new place for dinner soon when I’m up in that area.