With the holidays here, many of us (or at least some of us, hopefully), have a bit of time off from work.  And while visiting with family is great, sometimes it nice to just work on a home project for a while, to get away from it all and get into your own “zone”. While a lot of the contry wouldn’t think of the holidays as a time to work on the garage, here in Tucson many of us prefer now to the summer heat.  If you’re considering any kind of work on your garage door as a DIY project, we thought we’d share a bit of info we came across on AskTheBuilder.com.

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We often hear people asking about installing a garage door on their own.  We realize that when WE tell you it may not be a good idea (coming from a company that installs garage doors for a living), you might think we’re just trying to sell you something.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We understand the satisfaction that comes from doing a job yourself, and we’re all for it.  But you also need to know which jobs are “do-able” yourself, and which are better left to the professionals.

It’s true that certain garage doors can be installed without the help of a trained technician, but oftentimes you’re better off, and safer, letting us handle it for you.

But again, don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s a great article direct from AskTheBuilder.com that explains what you’ll be looking at in great detail.  Coming from an objective third party, we hope it will help you make that right decision for your situation.  And if it DOES involve calling for professional help, we hope you’ll call us at Discount Garage Door Company.

Q: … I think I can assemble a garage door. Have you ever installed one? Was the task too daunting? If you think I can do it, what tips can you share?

A: … Some doors are far more difficult to work with than others and some garage-door-spring assemblies are very dangerous to work with. But if you select a lightweight door with a do-it-yourself friendly spring mechanism, I feel you will only need one vacation day to have a gorgeous maintenance-free garage door on your home.

… Single-wide garage doors are often the easiest to install. As garage doors get wider the sections get increasingly heavier. The final weight of a garage door, once assembled with all hardware can easily be 400 pounds or more.

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We also wanted to take just a moment to give a shout-out of ‘job well done’ to our colleagues in Racine, WI. Total respect and appreciation for the gesture they made to a Wounded Warrior there, Jon Van Brocklin and his wife, Jami.

Thanked for his service — Wife of veteran expresses gratitude for free garage door repair

Jami Van Brocklin was left astonished and grateful when Jim’s Garage Door Service of Racine repaired her garage door opener at no charge after installer Jeff Hanson learned that Jon Van Brocklin is a wounded veteran who survived a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. Hanson donated his repair time, and the business donated the part.

as reported by Michael Burke

Happy Holidays Tucson!

As the holidays quickly close in on us, we at Discount Garage Door Company here in Tucson want to send our best wishes out to all of our wonderful customers – past present and future.  We are always here to help you with any issues or questions you may have surrounding your garage doors and openers.  And we look forward to another wonderful year of serving the Tucson community in 2016.