Even though we spend most of our time dealing with garage door repairs, we do also get inquiries about different options to consider when it comes to brand new garage doors.  So along those lines of thinking, I thought I would share a bit of information on solid wood garage doors.  It’s not something we see a whole lot of here in Tucson, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an option for you.

A garage door must be solid to ensure the safety of not only your vehicles, but your home as well.

But this is not the only functionality of this product, whose numerous options can make deciding on one material over another sometimes so difficult.

Among the selection criteria, insulation capacity and aesthetics are often in first place. The wooden garage door meets all these expectations.

Features Of The Wooden Garage Door

Garage door manufacturers have found in wood a synonym for solidity. They use solid wood, such as pine or fir, to make door finishes that must withstand the passage of time, changes in temperature and especially frequent manipulations.

The Oukoumé wood and the Doussie are generally very appreciated and frequently used because they are very robust. They also make it possible to create doors that last for thirty or even forty years, in spite of the alternation of the humidity and the excessive heat that they must undergo.

The wood, before being worked to obtain the desired shape and dimensions, is treated in order to slow down the chances of it rotting. It is then shaped into the desired shape.

Generally, the garage door is manufactured according to standardized standards but nothing prevents you from ordering one made to measure, depending on the location, the orientation and the dimensions of your garage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Garage Door

Wood is undoubtedly a material of unquestionable elegance, but it is nevertheless difficult to install. Because it is a heavy material that, unlike PVC and aluminum, requires a lot of experience and sometimes even the intervention of a whole team of professionals.

Quality wood is also a little more expensive than other types of materials, but then the durability and elegance is something that people are often willing to pay extra for.

At Discount Garage Door Company, we have experience with installing all kinds of doors, so if you’re curious about a solid wooden door for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options.

Video Transcript

what why for quality garage doors and san diego today – a video not on the garage door opener but on a garage door I’ve done one of these yet be kind of interesting to see his start to finish what it do a one piece wooden door I’ve got the lumber right here plywood and talking nails everything else ready to build this from the ground up go out to the customer’s house and hanging and she can’t get a sectional door she probably can but she’s in a duplex where the neighbor has to get one too and she uses it not to live it but to store things so she bought half of the duplex and uses it for storage so i have to replicate what’s out there i’m going to use your existing truss rods but other than that will be from the ground up we scratch so let me get set up here and we’ll start now on this stuff together and I’m going to start videotaping it piece by piece speeding it up see if I can keep this video short as possible if not off to cut it into a few segments but hopefully i get all of them catching a man alright so here we’ve got the plans for the door what makes 15 9 wide i’m going to make it about 15 eight and a quarter split the difference between three quarters of an inch on both sides I’ve got supply to rip to five and a half and then we’re going to create this designed to match the existing door step back here a couple of things we’re going to need some clocking a router a drill stapler 20 penny nails staples a few 16 penny nails a chop saw a warm God saw course a hammer wunderbar there’ll be other few other tools used along the way but for now that’s what we’re going to start building the store with a good the idea is going to be but roll out the alley like this and just leave the camera on speed up later the handrails here i’m going to examine them and see which way I want to flip when you’ve got to be real particular about how the wood goes together like this hodgepodge it together you gotta check everything the bowl in the would not switch into want to cut off it’s pretty detailed so I’m just going to let it record cut out what I need to an editing but try to float just like this with a very few camera just just yeah yeah okay so we got the friend we apply we got asked in the bottom weatherstrip on now we’re going to rip the design three-eighths rubs on five and a quarter inch why going to pull the table style we’re ripping Anglo strips and then tomorrow when it’s nice and overcast we’re going to attach the strips of talk around the edges wrap this up tomorrow here freshly shaved on let’s get burning and hopefully with your wrap it up yeah yeah yeah I don’t know yeah yeah ok yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah