How to adjust a garage door spring

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Wood cover garage door with a torsion spring about to fall off the stationary cone. This video shows how to wind the spring back on to the stationary cone. Also shows how to adjust garage door.

If you have a garage door opener, uncouple the trolley from the door. Lift the door and see how easy or hard it is. Increase the spring tension if the door is too hard to lift.

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If your garage door is more than 10 years old. If the door flies up or down when you let go, the balance needs adjusting. Because the springs store so much power, you should have their tension corr.

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Self closing hinges close doors with no control, no latching speed or little adjustment. Since there is no control of the latching cycle of self closing hinges, a third spring is often needed to slam the door. Whether you have a door closer or a self-closing hinge, they both are made to address the issue of accessibility and the issue of life safety.

If you are qualified to adjust a garage door spring, these are the steps you can take to make the adjustment. 1. Determine Which Type of Spring is On The Garage Door. You will encounter one of two types of springs on a garage door, extension or torsion. Side-mounted extension springs are easier to adjust than torsion springs.

How to adjust garage door torsion springs

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If your garage has torsion springs across the inside of the door opening, you need a professional to adjust the tension. sectional doors and hinged doors are adjusted using a basic procedure for each.